Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Signs of Spring

Sure enough, I saw it as I was pulling in after work this afternoon; the first peony blossom of the year!

They're a little bit earlier this year than last (check out 2011 and the first blossom ever in 2010) but it's really no surprise considering the weather we've had this year. Also, the bushes have definitely increased in height since last year. I would say they're pretty close to 4' tall.

Anyway, I had plans of being productive this afternoon but was feeling a lot like Hazel.

I did manage to spend a couple hours seaming the first couple rows of squares on my Mitered Squares Blanket (insert fist pump here!). It took me about 3 hours to get just two rows all seamed up, with three rows left to go still. It's definitely exciting now to see it coming together.

This weekend is the Great Lakes Fiber Festival in Wooster, Ohio. My knitting group has planned a fun afternoon outing and I'm hoping to find some incredible goodies (yarn, mostly). I'm especially looking for yarn dyed similarly to the yarn used for this cat.  I'd like to knit a stuffed dog for the baby and I'd really like a brown colored dog. If anyone has suggestions where to find this I'd love to know!


  1. How about Susan B. Anderson's McHenry dog but using different yarn?

  2. I am so jealous, a fun fiber festival. Have a great time and buy lots of amazing yarn.

  3. I"m so bummed I can't go to wooster this year! I'm out of town for a wedding...

  4. I've been feeling like your dog for the past few weeks now; it's like having senioritis while waiting for my 7.5 year old to finish up her 2nd grade year.

  5. I hope you get some energy back soon. Oh, Hazel. In the meantime, I'm excited for your seaming progress! You're getting there!!


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