Monday, May 28, 2012

Mitered Crosses Blanket for ME!

I can't believe I waited two whole days to post about this! My Mitered Crosses Blanket is officially DONE. I was up way past my bedtime on Friday trying to finish this. I had spent a couple of hours (and listened to several podcasts) trying to get the border done. Like I said before, my goal was to finish this before the wool show on Saturday. However, by around 1am Saturday morning, I was a bit too bleary eyed to finish the border on the sides of only three remaining squares. Instead, I finished it on the way to Wooster (about an hour away) and grafted the ends of the I-cord when I got home. 

It's a success! I am so pleased with how this turned out. I almost can't believe it's done. 

All attempts to stage this blanket were thwarted.

I knit all my squares on a size 8 needle (5mm) and did the three needle bind off with a size 10 (6mm). The I-cord was also done in a size 10 so I really have very minimal puckering anywhere on the blanket and probably nothing that decent blocking won't fix. Overall, I used six and a half balls of Noro Keuryon (it was half a ball per finished square) and about eight and a half skeins of Lamb's Pride. I had originally purchased ten skeins (thank goodness) so it was no problem when I wanted to make it an extra row longer. Despite the heat this weekend, the blanket has been folded and moved to its place of honor on our living room ottoman.

Yarn: Grey - Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in M-03 Grey Heather
          Multi - Noro Kureyon in #215
Needles: #8 (for squares), #10 (for bind off and I-cord)
Finished Size: approximately 40" by 65"
Began: June 14, 2011
Completed: May 26, 2012

Since it's a holiday Monday here in the U.S. I've decided to start working on the baby blankets I had planned, along with the socks for my dad (three projects on fingering weight? Seriously, Andrea?).  What about you?


  1. I'm spending the holiday putting the finishing touches on a sweater that has been sitting around FOREVER. Of course, now that it's finished it is way too hot to wear ;)

  2. Andrea, the blanket is beautiful, really great job. Love the Noro you will be working with. I have a love/hate relationship with Noro, I try not to buy it but it keeps sucking me in. I am working on a shawl on my loom, a gift for a friend and hopefully more square for my crochet vest. I love a Monday holiday.

  3. Love the colors together- beautiful!
    Feels nice to finish something for yourself, doesn't it?

  4. WOO! So worth the effort! It is a beautiful blanket. I hope you had lots of knitting time over the weekend!

  5. oh it's absolutely gorgeous!
    wonderful wonderful job!!

  6. It's terrific! Yeah for you! :O)
    Yeah, seriously? Fingering weight blankets?

  7. You did an awesome job! Your blanket is truly beautiful!

  8. OH WOW that is so gorgeous!! Fantastic work!

  9. What a gorgeous blanket! I must knit one for me too :)


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