Thursday, June 7, 2012

Honey Badger Socks

I've had these socks done for a couple of days now but the weather was lousy on Tuesday and I've been feeling lousy. However, they're just too pretty to go another day without blogging. 

After finishing the Mitered Crosses Blanket, I kind of had an itch for some socks. I haven't knit any socks this year and started skimming through threads on the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. It turns out their challenge this month was lace, and I just happened to find this free pattern, and I happened to have yarn that I thought might look nice so I jumped in with both feet. I was a little nervous since I only had half a ball of yarn left for this project (about 57 grams) but figured most of the socks I make for myself are under 60 grams so it should be fine. I literally finished with less than 5 yards of yarn left.

I am amazed with how quickly these were done! I made a couple of modifications to the original pattern, opting to use a picot cuff instead of ribbed, and doing a short-row heel instead of flap and gusset. You might remember this yarn from socks I knit last year. What's really interesting is that those socks had almost no pooling (they were a 64 stitch cast on) and yet these socks (at 66 stitches) had a ton! Normally, the perfectionist/control freak in me would freak out at the sight of pooling (I pretty much hate it) but I really love the colors in this yarn so I'll just live with it. 

Pattern: Honey Badger Socks by Irishgirlieknits (FREE)
Yarn: ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio Black Dog Hand-Dyed Sock
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm), US0 (2mm) for toes and heels
Began: May 30th, 2012
Completed: June 4th, 2012


  1. Honey Badger don't care about no pooling ;) Love the socks- they're awesome!

  2. You paired the colorway and the pattern so well together. What a terrific outcome.

  3. I know what you mean about the pooling. Ughhhh! The yarn looks great in that pattern. My mind has turned towards socks as well, I just have to get my hands to follow suit! ;-)

  4. Amazing what a difference 2 stitches makes! I'm feeling the sock itch, too but I have to finish my Color Affection before I cast on for anything else (if I keep telling myself that maybe I'll actually do it)

  5. Those socks are very pretty! And quick, too!

  6. I've got a pair of Honey Badgers on the needles too, but have been working on my Aquaphobia lately! Glad to see you used up the rest of that sock yarn! I don't think the pooling is bad because the colors are close enough to one another.

  7. Wow Andrea! These are fantastic. I love the color of these.

  8. I love these socks. The colors are awesome, and they are just awesome! I hope you're feeling better!

  9. It's crazy how such a small stitch difference can affect pooling. I've experienced that with sock yarns before. The socks look great!


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