Monday, April 29, 2013

Yarn Acquisition

Because it isn't stashing when it has a purpose, right?
 I recently added a few new skeins to my collection that I have been meaning to and even needed to get. They are Noro Silk Garden Sock (color #308) and they will become --hopefully--eventually-- a second Sunny Spread blanket for my new neice, Drew.

Back when both my sister in law and I were pregnant, she had admired D's own Mini Sunny Spread. I told her if that was the blanket she liked, then that was the one I would make. Well, we all know how life gets in the way and the beginning of my year has been super busy but my goal is to make some time for this (over the summer at the latest) and get this to my niece before she's having babies of her own!
I've also received some to die for Dream in Color Wisp (color Tart), a 50/50 Merino and silk lace yarn. The sheen on this is incredible. It is a two ply yarn and while not as puffy as a single ply lace (think Mal Lace), it is definintely not as thin as other lace weight yarns.
This is already in the process of being turned into my newest design project that will be for adults! I am so entirely thrilled about this design! I took it over to my photographer, Marianne, today who will also be modeling this piece for me. I had been trying it on as I was knitting (top down!) but it never looked right on me since the sample is in her size (and my pre-baby size). Anyway, she tried it on and it fits her beautifully. I am thrilled beyond words! It will be out very soon (and keep an eye out since there will be a sale coming up very soon as well).


  1. "Because it isn't stashing when it has a purpose, right?"

    I am right behind you, lady! Technically it all has purpose, it's just a matter of when ...

    Gorgeous yarn, enjoy!

  2. What a happy color. Very clever to use variegated yarn for the middles of the hooked squares.


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