Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finishing Up

In the last few weeks I've managed to finish several projects, none of which I can share wi you right now (except the Plum Blossom Tee but you've already seen that).

This is what baby does while mommy tries to weave in all the ends.

Now that I'm coming up on some free time I was thinking of what project I'd like to work on and came back to the baby Rainbow Blanket that I started last summer before D was born! I counted all the squares and there are 23 left then the border. We will be in California for 10 days beginning the end of next week so this may become my take along project.

The closer I get to finishing it the more I love it.  A lot of things have come between me and finishing this little gem but a year isn't terrible.  I think my Noro blanket took a year as well.

What's the longest you've ever worked on a project?


  1. Wow your blanket looks amazing. Where did you get the pattern? I hope it's on Ravelry. I think the longest I've worked on a project is a year as well, many of them have taken that long. X

  2. Love your blanket, the colors are perfect. I think if I have a project a year I generally don't finish it. I am always onto something new.

  3. I love your rainbow blanket. It's such a happy piece. Baby is having fun. You're a great mum to that cherub.
    Hmmm…as for the longest project I've worked upon…I'm not sure. It's probably b/c I haven't worked on it consistently. I would say a blanket or that cocoon snood.

  4. That blanket is so beautiful! The color transition is stunning.

    I've taken much longer than a year to finish a project. I put down a Minimalist Cardigan from about 2008 to 2013. It only had sleeve caps and sewing to finish...

  5. Your blanket looks so good! But I am particularly fond of the mischievous baby shenanigans while you were weaving in ends!


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