Saturday, August 9, 2014

Almost Time for School

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on their likes/dislikes when knitting for the guys in your life. I used the random number generator and chose three winners to receive their choice of a free pattern from my collection of self-published patterns on Ravelry.  The winners are 

Congrats! I'll be contacting you all soon but if you see this before I do, send me a message on Ravelry letting me know which pattern you'd like.  And if you still want to leave more comments people, I'm all ears!

In the meantime (before the big project for dudes begins) I'm wrapping up a couple summer designs over here. Hopefully I'll have all the grading for this one done and can ship it off to my tech editor today. I posted a picture of the finished sweater over on my Ravelry projects so you can check it out there.

I go back to school on Friday (do you hear all the teachers groaning) and even though that is still a week away I have a ton of work to do in my classroom. I was moved to a different room this year. One that has no windows. I know! I start to feel claustrophobic just thinking about it. It's also smaller than my classroom last year. It's a weird shape and I'm having a hard time thinking about how I will arrange everything. But enough complaining (I've done plenty already in the last three days). 

The beginning of school just means I will have less time to work on my knitwear design. I'm trying to wrap up the knitting of one more design before the end of next week. It shouldn't be too hard, assuming no critical errors. Unfortunately it also won't see the light of day until around January! 

Thanks to everyone who has joined me recently on Instagram and Twitter

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  1. My kids start on the 18th. I think the teachers have to report in next week officially for PDD. How awful to have a classroom without windows. How could that exist? I'm sure you'll find a way to layout everything. I hope you at least have some good air flow. Have a great year.


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