Friday, October 31, 2014

Abate Again

I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. We didn't really make a big deal out of it when I was a kid. After I moved to Ohio we happened to live in a neighborhood that doesn't get a lot of kids. Additionally, Akron does their trick-or-treat night on a night other than Halloween which had me fairly well confused for about 4 years. 

Now that I have a son, I will use just about any excuse to make something for him. For this reason, I decided the Abate pattern was the perfect sweater to use for a gnome costume!

There wasn't too much involved. We had the boots and pants, Mary (ever the gracious and giving friend!) knit and felted the amazing hat, and I just cut out a few felt circles to stitch to his sweater. There was a beard too but he didn't like wearing it (and you really have to pick your battles with a 2 year old). 

I love that the Abate pattern is such a quick knit. It took a total of 2 weeks with me working on about a thousand other things for work and The Book at the same time. I used less than two skeins of Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool Worsted. Last year's Abate was knit in a size 2 and this year a size 4! I did shorten the length by about a half inch and the sleeves by about an inch. I still need to add the drawstring. Maybe tonight...

Pattern: Abate by Alicia Plummer
Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool Worsted
Needles: US 8
Began: October 10
Completed: October 24


  1. I just love the costume! He looks so sweet and warm and comfortable!


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