Thursday, March 26, 2015

Up Ahead

So the huge project I've been working on since August is getting close to wrapping up. I am so excited to rest for a bit and make something for myself! Unfortunately, I'm still deep in the depths of pattern writing/editing/formatting so I really can't allow myself to fall too deep into the Ravelry rabbit hole looking for new patterns. Are there any new ones that have caught your eye?

Even though I'm dying for some selfish knitting, my brain won't stop working. I keep swatching and thinking about all the fun designs I could knit up now that I have more time on my hands (or at least what seems like more time).

This week I was able to attend a really inspiring conference for work. The speaker described people as walkers, joggers, or runners. I couldn't decide what kind of person I was until just this moment when I typed the last few lines. I'm a runner. Runners go at everything full speed. They consistently have a full plate and when something is removed from their plate, they add something new. Oh my gosh! That's what I'm sitting here typing about doing! 

And yes, I have more plan for bigger things to come this fall! Things that will include many new patterns by some really lovely designers. Yes, I keep my plate full. But stick around because some fun things are coming up!

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  1. Ha ha! I'm a "runner" also. I have four projects in the works right now. I understand the "queue" concept on Ravelry, but my list would be way, way, too long. I try to keep a balance by always having something on the needles for myself.


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