Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Beginnings

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When I started this blog over 5 years ago my goal was to just share my excitement about knitting. I had only been knitting for a couple of months and everything was so new and exciting. As I continued through the last several years, my posts have changed quite a bit. 

First off, my level of availability for blogging has decreased drastically! When I started I was a full time post-baccalaureate student, I worked part-time, and had no littles at home. I snapped pictures of my knitting constantly and shared a lot of dog/yarn pics. 

In the past two years I became a mom, began working full time, and began designing my own knitting patterns. All the free time for blogging had to be redirected to other areas of my life. While I wouldn't change anything, I do miss getting in touch with my blog and try to redirect some energy in its direction from time to time. 

In other news, since I've finished the big project I was working on I've had just a smidgen more time for personal knitting. Like, really, only a smidgen. How does that even happen? I think I lined up a few too many new design projects to make sure I wouldn't be in a dry spell afterward. Anyway, with that small amount of personal knitting time I've finished a new vest for D!

This is currently a test knit and the pattern is not released yet. The design is from Ashley Yousling of Woolful. It will be available in children's and adult sizes. I got to use some left over Jill Draper Makes Stuff Rockwell in the color Pumpkin. I was just chatting with my friend and LYS owner Cyndi and I mentioned how I'd bet that she hasn't sold much of this yarn. She agreed and let me tell you, that is a terrible shame! This yarn is so rich and wooly. It comes smelling very sheepy still but yet, when knitting with it I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of vegetable matter in the yarn. And the colors work up gloriously. I think the marling make it difficult for people to imagine what that yarn will look like, but I really love the marling! 

I have a few more beginnings going on and while I can't share them just yet, I will very soon. There's still a lot left for me to do before I can start sharing but I'm very excited about this new project and hope you'll enjoy it too!

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  1. It's funny how we grow and expand our world over time and how our priorities shift. Cute busy. That wool looks snuggly.


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