Monday, April 25, 2011

Everglades Socks

I finished these socks Friday night but the weather has been so miserable this weekend that I didn't have a chance to get outside to get some pictures. 

Of course, as I was preparing to take these pictures, it started sprinkling again. 

Although I wouldn't pick this color again, I think they turned out ok. I'm hoping to send them to my mom this week so she might have a chance to wear them before it turns summer in Fresno. I just checked the weather there and it's already about to hit 80 so I'd better hurry. 

The yarn I used for these seems like it is going to make a very sturdy pair of socks. I'm hoping I won't have to worry about replacing/fixing these for some time.

And they even turned out all nice and matchy-matchy, just like I like! 

Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks -Miami in Everglades (about 75g)
Needles: #1.5
Began: April 6
Completed: April 22


  1. Yay for a finish! I bet your mom will love them, and I do think they'll be long-lasting socks. I'm impressed you got them to match!

  2. They're beautiful! Great job matching.

  3. those are such pretty socks!! I love that self striping colourway, the shading is so pretty.

  4. They are just lovely. Superb work!

  5. Love those socks! They're so beautiful! Another inspiring thing you're bringing to me!

  6. they look great. i think your mom will love them.


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