Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skyp Socks

After all the hullabaloo of Blogtoberfest, I've kind of been slacking on getting a post up. Not to say that I haven't been knitting (you know I'm always knitting). I've just been lazy about picture taking and post making. This week though, I managed to get outside before the sun went down (earlier, and earlier) to get some pictures of the Skyp Socks I knit to swap with the teacher at my school

This was a very easy knit but I wasn't completely loving the yarn so I kind of dilly-dallied on finishing these. I had chosen this yarn because I've heard that they wear extremely well. My big hang up on gifting hand knit socks is that while I love to use more luxurious yarns, I'm not always certain the recipient will care for them properly and, even if they do, there is always the chance that a loosely spun yarn will wear through quickly. So like I was saying, I chose the Trekking. At my LYS there wasn't a whole lot of non-striping options and I was really going for a more solid/tonal look. The teacher did tell me that green is her favorite color so I settled for this skein. 

I didn't initially realize this pattern is written for sport weight yarn and chose to knit the 56 stitch size. Thank goodness for ribbing because before blocking I was a bit worried these wouldn't fit even my small feet. But they blocked out to the correct size. One wonderful surprise, despite my disenchantment with the yarn, was the fact that the completed socks used only 60 grams of yarn. That leaves me with enough to make a second pair for myself if I want!

Overall, while not in love with the socks, I will definitely knit this pattern again. I'm thinking of using a more colorful yarn next time so the faux-cable really pops.

Yarn: Zitron Trekking (XXL) (color #337)
Needles: US1.5
Began: November 1
Completed: November 14


  1. You may not be in love, but I adore these! The color is just the right shade of green! And I love the slight pops of white. Man, you're fast! A pair in two weeks? I'm impressed!!

  2. I love these socks, great color and I love the pattern. I am not a sock knitter so I am very impressed.

  3. As a great fan of green, I think this color choice is terrific. Even if your swap partner wears boots over these socks, I bet she'll be smiling knowing how cheerful they are in secret.

  4. These socks are so nice! The yarn is beautiful, the pattern simple! It must have been very zen to knit them!

  5. I can't believe you knit socks for gifts. period! these turned out great and if she loves green she is going to LOVE these!

  6. I really like the yarn color with this pattern! It is always difficult to knit for non-knitters. I think the recipient is very lucky!

  7. Like all of the other commentors, I really like them--both color and pattern.

  8. I love those socks! I think the recipient will too!

  9. I really like these! It's so complicated to knit for non knitters...


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