Sunday, June 24, 2012

Never Enough

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while might remember the original Sunny Spread blanket I made for my parents. It was such a fun and easy blanket to work up that I knew I would eventually make another. I found a few projects on Ravelry that I really loved (and were baby sized in fingering weight yarn) and now that I just happen to have a baby coming, decided to start in on a blanket of my own. 

Unfortunately this has turned into one of those projects where you not only need more than one color of yarn, but you keep running out of each color (because running out of just one color isn't frustrating enough). I ran out of the Noro Keureyon Sock yarn I was using with less than one circle left to finish (I was literally one round away from being done with it). After pricing out another skein ($18 + shipping for 2g of yarn?), checking all projects on Ravelry (where both people who had completed projects in this color were located in Europe), and posting in and In Search Of group ("Is anyone out there? Help!"),  I ended up using scrap Noro from another project (in a similar color, thank goodness) but still, it caused a wee bit of strife. 

Then yesterday, as I finished putting the white border on the remaining 25 squares, I realized I would not have enough of the undyed yarn to do the seaming and a full five round border on the finished blanket. Instead of stewing over this for days, I stewed for about an hour and then just called the original store I bought it from (which of course had to be in California) and asked it they could ship me another skein. The can and it'll be here some time next week. That's fine since I'll be out of town visiting my parents starting Wednesday. In the meantime I've blocked all the squares and sewed all the ends in. I'll probably start working on getting the rows sewn together. Basically, I'm just getting as much done on it as I can with the yarn I do have. 

Once this blanket it done, I have another that I plan to make in addition to some socks (for me) and a sweater (for me) and probably a little sweater (for Baby Luscious).  I'm trying to get my selfish knitting out of my system for a while.


  1. What sweater(s) are you thinking about making?

  2. The blanket is going to be spectacular, yarn emergencies are so stressful. Glad it is working out.

  3. What a great blanket! How long did it take you to make all the squares?

  4. I love these squares ... they're really beautiful. I can just imagine how they'll look sewn up into a blanket.

  5. That is going to make one gorgeous blanket! BTW you go ahead and knit for yourself ~ you are the most unselfish knitter I know :)))

  6. The colors you're using are terrific! I also SO LOVE the one color one you made for your mum and dad.
    It's NOT selfish to knit for yourself and baby. We crafters need to do that more often.

  7. That's frustrating, but your squares are amazing!

  8. glad you found a way to make it work!
    this blanket is going to be absolutely stunning!!


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