Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Knitting

At this time last year I was deep in the throes of gift knitting. This is the time of year that many knitters are burning the midnight oil. Ordinary homes have been turned into something of a needle arts sweatshop. The phrase "live and breathe knitting" is putting it mildly. I took a quick look back at some of my projects and last year I knit six gifts for my family. That may seem minimal but allow me to do a quick recap.
For Adam:

The dreaded Baseball Jersey. And no, I still don't want to talk about it. 

For my boss:
A great pair of Paraphernalia Socks. I wish I had kept them.

For my sister-in-law:
A Cedar Leaf Shawlette. LOVE this color (Mal Silky in Topaz!).

For my parents:
For my mom (it was technically a birthday gift but since her birthday is a couple weeks before Christmas, I'm including it)

For my brother (and my pièce de résistance)
a sweater made using EPS.

Just thinking about last December makes me tired. And this year? Well, let's just say I already sent my mom's birthday gift. It's from Amazon.  Sometimes you just have to set some limits for yourself.  It's not that I'm not knitting this month (I'm not sure if "not knitting" is ever an option). I've started working on a new sample for Hannah in Tern by Quince and Co. This yarn has a really interesting, almost microfiber kind of feel (it's 75/25 wool/silk).

My plan is to get this done by the time I head out to California for Christmas, which is two weeks away. I'd like to work on some selfish knitting over my break and maybe a new sweater or some socks?


  1. I was *going* to do some selfish knitting...and then I started remembering people who deserve handknits. But kudos to you for being stronger than I am!

  2. I highly encourage you to do some "selfish" knitting. You barely ever make things for yourself! That yarn looks lovely!

  3. After all those knits you definitely deserve a break this year!

    Is your sample Autumnal?

  4. I am deep in the throes of gift knitting. I kind of think I'm crazy, but I'm glad that I got a good head start this year. Next year might be my selfish knitting year.

  5. WOw! I love that jersey of doom! even if it is of doom.

  6. Wow you really pulled out all the stops last year! Enjoy your break this year, look forward to seeing your selfish knits. Happy holidays. xx

  7. I sort of do the every other year knitted/crochet gifts with out even trying. This year I have been cowl mad, next year I probably won't make a thing for anyone.

  8. I wish I had time for gift knitting! Or, I wish people I need to give gifts to are the sorts who would appreciate handmade gifts. Since most of them are not, they are getting store-bought gifts from me instead. Oh well--more gift knitting for me instead....


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