Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Buttons and the Mohair Cowl

I still have both baby sweaters in progress this morning. 

The Playful Stripes cardigan has all those ends from the color changes woven in and is blocking before I get the button band knitted on. The collar on the Baby Sophisticate is done and was super quick. All that I have left to do is sew on buttons and weave in the ends. And yes, I bought buttons. 

I am in love with these moose buttons. I think they are definitely going to give some extra flair to the baby jacket.

The moose out in the wild.

Now it's just a matter of me mustering up the strength to sew on the buttons. We all know how much I love to sew.

In the meantime, I would like to share another Before Blog finished item. Allow me to present to you the Mohair Cowl:
Please forgive the bathroom self-portrait. Adam is a bit hard to convince to take pictures sometimes. 

Calling it the Mohair Cowl sounds a little bit like I'm referring to a wild animal, doesn't it? "While we were on vacation we were lucky enough to see the mohair cowl running across the plains at dawn." Truly a beautiful sight.

  This cowl/hood/capelet was crocheted using a little over two skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, which I am now absolutely in love with. It is done holding two strands together and using an 11.5mm crochet hook. The resulting fabric is delicious. It is so light and fluffy and feels absolutely luxurious. The pattern is Mossy Cowl by Katie Himmelberg (and is available for free from Knitting Daily). It is a really quick and easy pattern to work up and I think I actually finished it in a couple of days.

This particular cowl was made as a gift for my friend Brooke. She watched my lovely pups while we were in California over Christmas so I wanted to make sure to give her something extra special. After I finished making the cowl, I loved it so much I considered keeping it and making her something else that was extra special. But alas, I gave it to her. And here she is putting it to good use:

This is from her recent photo shoot (done by Tori) for her band, Brooklyn 232. I was so pumped to see the cowl looking oh-so-awesome on her, that I promptly stole this picture right off her Facebook page (although I did ask her for permission soon after my theft).  I am now going to most definitely make a second for myself this year.


  1. oh my goodness those moose buttons are adorable!

    I'm casting on BSJ tonight with my knitting guild. I'm kind of excited as I've never done a sweater, or baby things before!

  2. What adorable buttons! Can't wait to see them on the baby sweater. Love the color of the cowl. Very pretty.

  3. That is some wicked buttons! What a great color on the cowl/capelet!

  4. LOVE those buttons! Can't wait to see them on the baby sweater! I can see why you need to make yourself one of those cowls! It is smashing!

  5. Love the moose buttons, but that mohair cowl is wonderful, and the color is gorgeous!

  6. Love the mohair cowl!! Just joined your blog - love it!!

  7. Those are simply adorable buttons. Love the cowl...may have to look into the pattern for myself.

  8. i am not sure which i love more--the cowl, or the photo of the moose buttons in the wild. great great!!


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